Molding Z13 ARSTYL

400 dh

Description : Use the Z13 chair rail to create borders, decorative elements or to divide colors. Incorporate this textured picture rail into a room to create custom interiors.

Part of the flex range, the Z13 ARSTYL® Flex can follow the shape of your wall.

The Z13 chair rail arrives primed and ready to be painted in its final color. Polyurethane is lightweight yet durable, providing protection against impact and damage. To fix the Z13 picture rail, just glue it.

Product Type : Molding

Product dimensions:

  • Length (L) 2 meters
  • Height (H) 80 millimeters
  • Width (W) 22 mm

Material: Polyurethane


  • White
  • Primed, ready to paint

Advantages of the Z13 ARSTYL® chair rail:

  • Light material
  • Impact resistant and durable
  • Recyclable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Simple installation

Glues needed for installation:

Adefix P5 glue which exists in two formats:

  • 310ml: 

  • 5kg :



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