LVT Dry Cedar flooring - AMT

486 dh

Description : The naturally worn texture of Dry Cedar adds a touch of class to your space.

Product type : LVT floor covering (Luxury vinyl tiles)

Design: Dry Cedar wood

Color Range: Golden

Selling unit: m 2

Blade dimensions:

101.6 x 914.4mm

Laying pattern: different laying possibilities (English, French, herringbone...etc)

Composition: This flooring belongs to the Decorative Tiles and Planks (LVT) family, available in planks and tiles with chamfered edges. It consists of a wear layer 0.55 mm thick, a decorative film, a compact undercoat and a urethane treatment.

Total thickness: 2.5mm

Wear layer thickness: 0.55mm

Surface mass: 3550 g/ m2

Acoustic efficiency at impact noise: 3 dB

Water resistance: yes

Thermal resistance: 0.013 m2 K/W (Compatible underfloor heating)

Areas of use: Residential, Light Commercial, Intense Commercial (Office, Commerce, Hospitality, Administration, Healthcare and Home)


Tiles/planks should be stored flat.

The support must be flat, smooth, dry and sound. The self-leveling compound must be P3.

The covering can be used with underfloor heating if it is switched off 48 hours before and after laying.

The coating, the adhesive and the support must be allowed to stabilize at a constant temperature between 18° and 27°c for a period of 24 hours before and after installation.

Gluing must be done using a glue recommended by Couverture Maroc.

Laying edge to edge with sharp joints and blades in the same direction with staggered joints. Smoothing with a 45 kg roller will be carried out on the covering at the end of laying before the glue has hardened.

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